Div. 1 play-off final

Dave Payn

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Tricky one for me personally, I was born and bred a sarf east Londoner, so Crystal Palace was certainly one of the teams whose results I followed even if I did end up becoming a Gooner! And certainly where I live now, Selhurst Park is but one stop away on the train! However, I've always been an admirer of 'the Academy' particularly as three of them contributed big time to our World Cup success! (even though I don't remember the match itself as I was but 3 years and 1 day old on July 30 1966!).

Ideally, I'd love to see both teams in the Premiership, but.... well, gotta go with the 'locals' today! All the same, good luck to both and whatever the result, I hope the match isn't spoilt by Graham 'Big occasion. Must make a cr*p decision to get myself in the headlines' Poll!

2nd man down

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Well done Palace.! Not bothered about you going up now cos Dooooogie "I've got an annoying habit of scoring goals that relegate other teams" Freedman didn't score.

Hard lines the Hammers, time for Pardew to walk now??


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Pardew - tactical genius? NOT! With the game heading for extra time and penalties at the best for us, he takes off the complete strike force. Clever move Roeder, sorry, Pardew. Mullins - forgot who he played for and gave his old team the ball most of the time - Harewood - not being played in his best position - Zamora - gotta lean to finish son. Connolly - deserved a goal just for effort - one of the few who seemed to have the real passion out there. (+ etherington & repka of course)

Well done Palace, no complaints, our boys bottled it. (As did the officials - Ref with missed penalties & the Linesman who got pelted with coins did not have a good day at the office, constantly missing important decisions)
A great atmosphere though - both sets of fans got on well - nice to bump into MrsH at the service area.

My first time at Cardiff - do people always travel there by stretch Limo? There can't have been a single one left in south and east london yesterday
- the M4 was littered all the way there with limos on the hard shoulder and lines of p***ing hammers/eagles on the side of the motorway.

And for you lads who don't like footie, go and check out Palace's fan base - from what we saw, they have a higher than average numer of cute female supporters!

Will the sec - I'm with you on Pardew - he's gotta go.

Will the Sec

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But well done to Palace and especially Iain Dowie nonetheless.

From Relegation contenders at Xmas to the Premiership in May is an achievement that should be recorded in folk lore.

It does highlight how weak the First Division really is, mind, but Palace took advantage where others, including West Ham, didn't.

See you again in 15 months, Eagels, soar in the meantime!

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