Discrimination??? you don't know the meaning!!...

2nd man down

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Never mind the (although jokingly intended I'm sure) rant about sex discrimination...what about the feelings of the poor hairy hippo's of this world that were so cruelly castigated in the attractive rep thread??? :?

Lets have some appreciation for Hairy Hippos with gland problems, PLEASE!! They have feelings too after all!! :wink: :dunno

tum te tum te tum... :hammer


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I'm not fat, I'm festively plump...

always makes me smile!

Anyway, you know the hairy hippos of this world are just wandering around thinking "see that human? wot a skinny munter, i wouldn't roll in the mud with that in a million years!"


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Sellers_Bird said:
i had a hippo once verbally abuse me, and also by private message!!! bet u never heard that one before? :?

I had someone do that as well. Maybe it's a common problem Hippos develop!


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hmmm, my mate was killed by an elephant. Not a hippo, but close enough for me to have a real fear/hatred of big mammals.

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