Disabled Discrimination


I'm looking for advice regarding a problem one of our cornet players has come upon.
Sadly he is disabled and has no use of his legs, this hasn't stopped him becoming Principal Cornet with Hampshire Youth Brass Band. Currently he is studying for his Grade 8 on Cornet and has also achieved Grade 5 on Piano. The problem he has encountered is that he can't go any higher than Grade 6 on Piano as he is unable to use the pedals. He wants to make Music his career and feels that not being able to advance any further on the Piano may hinder his ambitions.
Has anybody come across this before or does anyone have any suggestions.
Thanks in advance.


When I last looked the rules are that you must be able to play one instrument to grade 8 and another to at least Grade 5, which is what your friend has done... I only have one arm, and so was in a fix as could only really play french horn as it was left handed and easy to handle, so alas had to stop after o level music...

Best thing to do is to contact the Royal College to check, but guess as long as it does not hamper composition it should be alright... I had to get someone to play back my stuff on the piano so I could hear how the bass part sounded with my tune...


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at the rncm, they teach piano up to grade 6 standard (if they are not 1st study pianists obviously :wink: ) if they are not already at that standard, but i dont see it being a problem at any conservotoire or university really.


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