Diary Room forfeit


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Still think BB is being a bit unfair! (only a few posted in the DR!) anyway you have my answers, do we get to know our scores?


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I'm sure BOC Brother will take great delight in revealing your scores :twisted:

I understand he is still waiting for several entries - remember, deadline 12 noon :wink:
The deadline for submitting your answers has now passed. BB will announce your individual results shortly...........................
With the deadline having passed, here are the answers, as given by WhatSharp, one of four housemates to get full marks (given a little leniency over question 4, but we can afford to be generous :wink: ):

WhatSharp? said:
OOh nasty BB putting in a WOODWIND question!

1. It was never built, but was depicted in music. What was it and who wrote the piece?

Great Gate of Kiev, Modest Mussorgsky

2. Was once said to be the only man-made object visible from space

Great Wall of China

3. The lowest of a family of woodwind instruments

Great Bass Recorder

4. Classical symphony - composer's name and the number of the symphony required

Schubert; Symphony Number 9, "The Great"

5. Contradictory march? Name and composer required

The Great little army, Kenneth J Alford

6. Garden bird

Great Tit

7. Conflict renamed after a number of years

Great War (World War I)

8. Painful experience for a rock & roll singer?

Great Balls of Fire

9. Tune often heard at England games - all the more appropriate now!

Great Escape

10. According to legend, not the best of cooks

Alfred the Great

As for the link well they're all "Great!"

Those housemates who worked out the link scored considerably higher than those who did not, even giving some leeway on the "composer and symphony" question, that could have been worded more clearly.

Nevertheless, despite an average of 12+ for those who sent in entries, the absence of a response from groovy or trombelle means that the housemates have failed yet again.

BOC Brother will get back to you . . .


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<Dances around room>

I diiid it I diiid it!!!!

<realises that we've failed the task>

aaaahaaaahaahaa :cry: :cry: :cry:


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oh dear :!:
*whispers to the other house guests, are these two insiders or something, setting us up :cry: :shock: :!: *


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OMG guys I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry! I thought the deadline was midnight tonight! My bad. i can't beleive it, kill me if u want. I was half finished as well!


Plz don't punish the other housemates for my thickness! I will joyfully write an essay on aubergines or bungee jump off a kerb or whatever u want to make up for this.
The rules of the competition were there for all to see. This was a group task, and as a result - the whole group has failed. Housemates' will be informed of their forfeit later on tonight.

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