Devilish Publishing, are they still open for business?

Ron M

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Hi MouthPiece Members,

Can anyone tell me if they know the current status of Devilish Music Publishing and James McFadyen?

Very early in the year I ordered and soon after had my cc charged for almost $200AUD for 3 charts.
I was at one time communicating with James via email as he was having considerable trouble with printers, apologising for the delay but indicating that I would soon be sent the music, and expect to have it in my hands by end June.

I've still yet to receive any music and all emails since have not been responded to. Nothing from James or Devilish Publishing. I have even tried calling direct from Australia and get a 'we are not available' message.

Are the still operating? Do you know James? Can you ask him to contact me? Have I been ripped off?

The site is still up online at Devilish Publishing

They appear to be a legitimate and ethical brass band music supplier, but maybe I am wrong.


AUSTRALIA - Maroondah Brass

Ron M

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With thanks to moderator Peter, it seems Devilish Publishing are still in operation and my problem may yet get resolved.

Appreciate the prompt assistance Peter and thanks to the MouthPiece members.


Ron M

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Ok, still need help here Peter. It seems that James respond promptly after I last rattled the cage, offering an apology and some FREE Christmas Music to make up for an inconvenience but to date NO CHARTS, NO REFUND & NO COMMUNICATION.

Devilish Publishing have infact ripped me off and I need to warn ALL brass bands throughout the world that it would be at their risk to order from this company as it seems they don't do business ethically. SO DON'T DO IT!

I have been EXTREMELY patient but am now at the end and will ensure I inform by all means possible to brass band people throughout the world to AVOID Devilish Publishing unless I get contact within 48 hrs to confirm a full refund including international transactions fees and interest equating to $250AUD. It is such a shame that I have had to resort to this action but when a company deducts funds from anothers account almost 12 months ago and does not send product and/or communicate, one must get aggressive.

I see that my post has been viewed by approx 250 people. I hope that another 250 people see this post and as a result never purchase from Devilish Publishing.

Melbourne, Australia
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Sorry to hear that you facing such issues with the publisher and I can understand your frustrations.

Here is my experience with Devilish Music. Pre-Ordered a piece in January 2014. After complaining several times I finally received a pdf mid February 2015! It looks like the pdfs were produced so quickly that the layout of most parts has not been optimised (some parts have 1 line of music on the 2nd page). Also, until today I still have not received the printed version of the piece (I am still waiting for it but have given up complaining).

Ron M

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Oh no, sorry to hear that I am NOT THE ONLY ONE having these issues.

SwissCornet & AdamCable I feel your pain and frustration. Hopefully the rest of the band world will now see that it is too risky to deal with Devilish Publishing and James McFadyen!

Anno Draconis

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I'm sorry to hear that you guys have been having trouble. Just wanted to make it clear that all small publishers are emphatically NOT the same - I do all my own printing and binding at the print company I part own, and guarantee both the typesetting and print quality, backed up with a replacement policy if you find problems in either area. If there's anything I can do to help (I can print and bind other people's PDFs into usable sets, for example) please drop me a line or send a PM.

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