Sold/Expired desperate search!!!!

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Could some kind and loving individual* out there please (if they have one) photocopy a sop part to kaleidoscope i lost mine being drunk at the area contest oops. Seriously though... please post here with offers (i might end up paying someone for it)

*(if you are not kind and loving BUT still can get a spare sop part then i will accept offers)

Roger Thorne

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skweeky said:
(i might end up paying someone for it)
You might end up in Court!

Just to remind everyone that the photocopying of music without permission of the copyright owner is ILLEGAL! :evil:

Kaleidoscope is published by Anglo Music Press. I'm sure they would be happy to help you with your quest.

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Take a read of the tMP Copyright Fact Sheet for further information on Photocopying.

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