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after a MAJOR birthday drinking sesh with mates from work and little miss marcroft, i decided it would be fun to see what ppls hangovers are like!? mines kind of dodgy head and i feel like i want to eat everything in the fridge, but when its actually made...i don't want it! i normally chunder the day after the sesh not on the actual night.... so go on, how does your hangover feel? :lol:

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If I have a hangover it is usually preceded with a good blowing chunks session on the night (usually after the room has begun to spin when i've got to bed!)

The hangover usually consists of banging headache and a wish for everybody else on earth to go to a different country and leave me alone, followed by a raging hunger in the afternoon!
Couldn't possibly eat first thing in the morning, although i do sometimes get a craving for toothpaste :? ...(takes away the taste of puke!) :roll:


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My hangover normally starts by me waking up to some sort of kebab on the bedside table. I ususally feel fine when I first get up and then the day goes steadily down hill from there. I get headaches, feel sick and get the urge to eat fish finger sandwiches.

I usually vow never to drink again and spend the whole day watching black and white films (colour hurts the eyes!)
*waves her fists at sellers bird.... THIS IS YOUR FAULT! :twisted:*

I always ache when I have a hangover... I ache like MAD. Like, right now, my arms are killing me, I dunno why - not like I get lucky every time I go out :shock: *ahem* :oops: :D But also... I get the worst head aches everrrrrrr and I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS without fail get moody and speak my mind :D So basically... you're best off dodging me today! :wink:


Went to a BBQ last night, one of the BBD players had one. She and her hubbie had a variety of drinks on display so after having 4 cans of lager, a couple of glasses of their potent cocktails (one was red and other was blue), glass of red and half a bottle of rose wine, I was woken up at 8am by the cat wanting to be stroked, fed, let outside..... so decided to drag myself out of bed, fed the cat and let him out and then helped myself to some paracetomel and gallons of water and went back to bed....

Now.....well woke up half an hour ago and still feeling slightly dodgy. :roll:

I will never mix my drinks like this again! :oops:

I shall have to apologise to SQ as she did text me earlier in the week asking if we would like to see her band play at Buxton, however I had warned her it did depend on the drink intake the night before! :oops:


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I once had a scrumpy hangover that lasted 48 hours. I actually felt like I'd been poisoned, weak, shaky, unable to grasp objects, slurred speech, spots in front of my eyes, aching muscles and nausea like never before or again until I experienced morning sickness.
Do I still drink scrumpy? Bring on the Jack Ratt...


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I don't get hangovers! Wooo!

Just a slightly tired feeling which can be put down to lack of sleep. Ah, it's great!

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I get the types of hangover that wouldn't bode well if on the Atkins Diet..........Carbohydrate and Lard loading yumyumyumyumyum, big sandwiches usually sort me out (and lots of water)!

Power Tooba

I don't get hang overs as a rule :D :D - which is probably because i always force myself to drink a couple of pints of water befor I go to bed (pre programmed from an early age!!!)

Problem is, I then spend half the night having to get up to go to the loo, and subsequently spend the following day yawning and feeling ropey due to lack of sleep :roll:

It's a no win situation - just have to deal with it!!

Dave Euph

Headaches!!!!! :twisted: ... always a big headache, thanks to all that cider I usually have ... :roll:

I usually sleep for eternity to try and stave off the headahe, although I usually have paracetomel (ack, spelling ...) to help. Usually once the worst is over I search for food, and immediately feel a little sick afterwards, though it doesn't last too long. My breathing is generally erratic, so if I I can manage it I avoid playing my instrument because I know the sound will be awful!

I, as most people do, complain about how much I drank, but then again I know longer say I'll never drink that much again because I know it won't happen! :twisted:

Oh, and I haven't thrown up due to being drunk or hungover since my 18th birthday despite a year of crazy concoctions just passed ... :roll: ... I pray it continues :p ...

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