Derren Brown- Seance


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I don't think there is another thread for this, but please feel free to direct me to it if there is!

Is anyone watching this!? :shock: It's so scary, i'm sooooo scared (and i'm not joking!)
I didn't participate but watched very intrigued! It was soooooo scary, i'm now freaked out so much!
ARGH! :? :cry:

Naomi McFadyen

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Yea I've been watching it as well...
really spooky... I had Jane... thought 7 as a number... and thought London... and watching them just talk to Jane when was 6 and 15 was amazing...

I got a bit tearful...



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I'm glad I don't watch much TV. This would freak me out and stop me from sleeping from the sound of it. I'm such a baby I have to sleep with the light on sometimes! :shock:


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I didn't get the really end bit? When he went and actually got Jane!? Is it all a scam? I'm confused! :shock: :cry:
I was soooo scared watching it, and how they got all the details right is bizarre!


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I've not been watching it. But Isn't it somthing like he's learnt how to predict people's reactions in certain situations? I was reading an interview with him about the russian roulette stunt he did last year and he was saying it was just down to learning how to predict things given certain circumstances. :?

....having said that I don't understand it and the russian roulette thing had me sweating :shock:

Rambo Chick

he's an extremely clever bloke. he manipultes peoples minds with subliminal messaging and thats how it works (I THINK)!


I heard that at the very start, he said it was a scam and that he didn't believe in séances :?:

He probably just did it to show how much people are taken in by such cobblers :!:

Disclaimer: I didn't actually see it, but am going from what I have heard on the radio this morning :!:
Yes it was all a scam, although was very well done, he admitted that the powers of persuasion and the way he set pictures out and things were the reason most people chose the same answers!

ALthough, it doesn't explain how the bell was ringing and the trophy fell over and the ball was moving! Telekenesis of such a strong mind vibe maybe?

Was excellent viewing even though it was all fake!

Caveman Dan

Most people chose Jane because if you followed his instructions correctly you'd end up with Jane - those people that didn't probably misunderstood one of his instructions, he did actually say they (the instructions) were complicated.

He kept saying throughout the programme that all he was doing was the tricks the Victorian seance people (whatever they're called!) were doing, and he had specifically chosen 12 very gullible people! The trophy, bell and ball moving were simple - someone dressed in black and wearing infra-red glasses or something like that entered the room with a long rod and performed the 'moving'! Why do you think they do it in the dark?!

And as for Jane 'speaking' through that lass - she's got an easily manipulated mind, and if you've ever watched Derren's Brown's programmes before he does it all the time.

I thought it was one of the funniest things on tele in ages!!! :D

Di B

I thought it was good viewing - it even cared me to death too! A question (a test!).... when the cards were on the screen and you had to 'choose' one did anyone else choose Jane and thought there was a 1 second power cut or is that just me????!!!

One problem I had with it was the level of after care given to the home viewers.

They said that all the people in the show were taken care of afterwards, but he had asked people at home to join in and then told then it was a trick - the end!

Some people DO have strong beliefs about spirits, others may have a psychic power/stong mind of some sort and who knows what could have happened to people at home?

IMO he was very irresponsible asking Mr Joe Public to play along and then not calming them down properly - you really can't tell peoples mindstates.


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there were a number of warnings at the start, saying only go along with it if you're comfortable... anyway, i only watched the first 5 minutes and then switched off to go to bed...

he's obviously a very clever man... a lot of the things he does you can tell how he's done it, for example he got a guy in a supermarket to go and get vinegar because he was talking about crisps and said something like "you could get ready salted, or salt and... so anyway here we are" but a lot of things, like making totes at dog races give prizes for losing tickets, and making himself invisible to someone, I just don't get at all! the man's crazy!!


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He's watching you Sam ... :roll:


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god ben. if i have nightmares i'm holding you personally responsible. and if he comes through my window and kills me, i will come back and haunt you :twisted:


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i thought it was really good, although i didnt choose jane, i had dave and chose manchester, but it still made me very scared when i went to bed (in the scary dark!!) *wimp!*

I've never watched any of his other programs before, didnt he do something with chess? or is that just my imagination!


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sugarandspice said:
I've never watched any of his other programs before, didnt he do something with chess? or is that just my imagination!

He did, he played 9 professionals at the same time... but it turned out that he was just memorising one guys moves and playing that move against the guy on the oppisite side of the room... ie he had them paired off so in effect the pairs were playing themselves (does that make any sense?) and then he only had one game to actually play, against the youngest and least experianced. Was a good bit of telly tho!

I caught the end of the seance, after band and enjoyed it, wished id seen the whole of it. I think he's a very clever bloke.

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