Derek Acorah What a genius!!!!!!!

Rob Palmer said:
(By the way, Miss Presley, did you find out if the dog WAS at the address given?)

Unfortunately I didn't but the lady said she did know where the street was he told her to go to and she would go there today. Derek even told her to call the police and tell them cos he was adament the dog was there. I really hope it is there and she gets it back.


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ex-silkstone- player said:
i will let you all in2 a little secret, now its not a secret im a most haunted fan but what is a secret is that not long ago most haunted did do a filming someplace in england ....anyway ....
it never got put out on tv or released on dvd, due to the fact that they did film paranormal activity the whole rcrew were knocked out (unconsouse....ignor spelling lol) also in the same fiming they were table tilting and the people around the table were all lifted into the air and frown oposit ends of the room.

You can bellive if you want or dont..... the truth is this really did happen.
Tv chiefs turned round and said no...this is too scary for tv.

Sorry, that's just complete rubbish. If they had evidence they'd show it. Evidence = ratings and that's what TV is all about.

I watched the first four series of Most Haunted and every live special - my ex-wife and I were big fans for a while - but like 2nd Man Down said, it became frustrating watching it. Always missing the essential shot whenever anything happened. Don't believe everything you read in the LivingTV forums - I tried to wade through that once and it's chock full of idiots claiming all sorts of stuff.

I don't know that Derek Acorah is a fake or not, but I have my suspicions. Good luck if you believe it, it's not "real" enough for me.


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Yeah sorry I think that's rubbish too.
If that had happened they would not only show it but would have been doing major advertising of it.


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Do I believe in mediums?

I used to, but now I'm afraid it's large or extra large ;) :D :oops:

(so saying, reaches for extra-large coat & heads off into the cold . . .)


As has been said, watching Most Haunted can leave you very frustrated as they never seem to produce any hard evidence to back up whats happening. For example, you'll hear a noise or they'll say they saw something, but we never get to see it for ourselves. Surely they can put cameras up covering every angle, after all they manage it in the Big Brother house!

This isn't to say I don't believe in the paranormal though, after all I had an experience of it myself about 2 years ago in a pub in Halifax. I was in this particular pub at around 10.30am one morning to repair the Juke Box. While I was working away, the Landlord went of to make me a coffee and while he was gone, a guy walked past me and sat at the bar. So, thinking he'd come to see the Landlord, I shouted through to the kitchen to tell him someone was here to see him. When he came back through, no one was there and he asked me what this guy had looked like. When I described him, he just said ''Oh that'll be the Ghost, he does that all the time!''
Some of you may thing thats a load of rubbish or that there must be some explanation for it, but there was no way this guy could have come in through the door - it was locked and the Juke Box is right next to it and the living accommodation is through another bar area. I literally turned my head for a split second to shout through to the kitchen and this guy was gone! Freaky! Not at one moment did I feel scared or weird though, as some people say when they claim to be in the presence of spirits.

I await the sceptics replies saying it must be rubbish or in my imagination but I have no reason not to believe, only reason to believe.

Incidentally, no I didn't nick his hub caps before he cleard off!!


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I still enjoy Most Haunted and like it with the new guys in it. We tried to watch Ghost Towns last night for the first time and thought it was a load of Pony.

I just don't think it's anywhere near as good as Most Haunted and Daniella Westbrook is just not Yvette!! She doesn't scream half as loud!!!


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manx_yessir said:
I await the sceptics replies saying it must be rubbish or in my imagination but I have no reason not to believe, only reason to believe.

Heh, personal experiences of these things very but I believe that's what you believe you saw ;)

I'm all for believing that ghosts exist and that there are people out there that are sensitive to these spirits. I also believe that it's entirely possible to prove it one way or another, it's just that a TV program probably isn't the best way to do it. Far too interested in ratings and not interested enough in the science of it.


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He's a charlatan!

Can one of you true believers explain why 2 of the 'spirits' he supposedly talked to by name were anagrams of 'Dereck Lies' and 'Dereck fakes', obviously planted by production staff taking the mick.

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