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I just thought I'd see if anyone else has had similar exeriences to me or if they can help. When my adult teeth came through (many moons ago) I was left with a gap as one of my front teeth had stayed up in the gum. After much messing about (to brace or not to brace etc.) I had the tooth removed and reimplanted where it should be, a couple of weeks before starting at Salford Uni to study cornet/flugel. I had gone into some detail with both the orthadontist and my dentist about whether the proceedure would afect my playing and never really got a sensible answer i.e. well a girl who played clarinet had the same thing done and she was all right! Needless to say I had some problems during my first year at Salford, the gap left by the tooth near to the roots of my front two teeth meant that I had to pull my teeth back forward after playing. Very painful :evil: Anyway I ended up on horn as it was decided a bigger mouthpiece would help. It has helped but now I'm doing a lot of playing again I sense some movment (paranoia maybe?!). I have been to see my dentist but he was fairly useless. What I'm wondering is
1) has anyone had similar experiences and how did they sort the problem?
2) Does anyone know of a dentist around the Saddleworth/Oldham area that specialises in brass players teeth? (If not in that area in any area)

Thanks in advance everyone!! :)


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hmmm. that's a problem, but unless you move to an instrument that doesn't press, i think this will always be the case.

when i used to play cornet i used to press too hard and had to push my teeth forward after playing. However, this hasn't been the case after moving to bass trom. but that's just my experience, i had a brace to push one of my front teeth forward as it was behind the bottom set, but i don't know how relevent that is.

Naomi McFadyen

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My front teeth feel funny after reading that now... :?
Hope you sort ur lil prob out...

When I read the topic subject I thought there was gonna be a list of similarities between dentists and brass players!!! lol


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Naruco said:
When I read the topic subject I thought there was gonna be a list of similarities between dentists and brass players!!! lol

You mean like "getting the bit between your teeth", "drilling the rhythms" and asking the drummer to "fill in" :?: :lol: :lol:

Di B

Don't know if it helps, but there is a dentist in Matlock with a very nice dentist.... she plays in our band y'see! If no one else comes up with an answer I will try and remember to ask her on Sunday about your predicament.


Will ask Rach to give u a buzz - she is away at parents till friday - she is a dental specialist for musicians - send her a PM.

(i HATE dentists - but dont tell rach.... :p


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Never fear - the tMP dentist is here!

I can probably help, but I'd need to see you first!

Watch out for the Bandsman in the next couple of weeks - my ugly mug will be peering out from the pages advertising my services for musicians.

Basically I run a specialist service for musicians, looking at teeth, embouchure and so on, backed up by a team of experienced specialists and technicians. I'm based in Wilsden, Bradford, the heart of brass band country, and I can offer a nice discount for tMP people!

If you want advice or to book a consultation PM me and we'll take it from there. Next appointment is likely to be September if I remember aright (cos I'm mega popular :wink: ) but I can organise something once I'm back in work on Monday :(

Rach x


Thanks Rach, that sounds great! It'll be nice to have someone take my worries seriously! Hopefully I'll manage not to end up on Bflat bass!

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