Sold/Expired Denis Wick 4B cornet mouthpiece required


When I bought my own (first ever) cornet I bought a sovereign and gave away my 4B mouthpiece to a beginner in my band. I wish I hadn't done it now but, if like I did at the time, you have just bought a sovereign and have the 4B that comes free with it and want to sell it on then please either leave your details for me to contact you or leave me a pricate message.



PS Has to be silver plate and brand spanking new


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I know you posted a while ago, and have probably already got one, but I have a Denis Wick 4B cornet mouthpiece if you are interested. I never go on with it, preferring a large 4 instead. Let me know if you are still looking.

Joanne Weston


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... me too igg... I still have the 4B that came with my Sov. Give us a shout if you want it... :)


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