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You might have discussed this before, if you have, can someone point me in the right direction please.

Does anyone know of any decent 10-piece music that doesn’t sound like it’s been produced by the local cheese factory? We’ve got a couple of jobs this year and the thought of churning out the same old tunes as we’ve played since time began is almost too much to cope with! We have one good arrangement of Strike up the Band but the rest of the stuff is absolute pap. Last night our bass player threatened to eat one of the pieces so that we wouldn’t have to play it at the weekend :wow

Any help would be great!
Hi There - Why not click on Thornes Music sponsorship banner and see if their publishing company could assist in any way.
I've had the same problem in the past being librarian for a 10 piece outfit.

Have you tried Just Music (www.justmusicuk.com)? They have a fairly big selection of 10 piece music. I bought a selection of 8 pieces from them and some have been very good and all workable. Be warned, a big order does tend to come through in dribs and drabs over a fairly long period so make sure you order any in plenty of time!

I can recommend anything arranged by R Harvey and D Ashmore...well arranged, good quality parts and not too tricky. Favourites at the moment are:
Battle of Jericho - Harvey
By the time I get to Phoenix & Embacable You - Ashmore
Chris Hazzel's various Cats (we've got 7 I think) are also good, particularly Kraken.

P.S. Sorry Mr Thorne, I'm not trying to put you out of business or anything :!:
What do you mean by Ten Piece? I find that mostly people in the BB world mean any combination of 10 from a band including Euphs, Baris Flugel etc. The music they play is standard BB stuff which they find works with thier combination.

Having a mostly classical background my deifnition is that used by PJBE - 4 Tpt, Hn, 4Tbn, Tba. You will find lots of stuff for this combination. The Just Brass stuff is good as are the London Brass series arrangements. They are tricky however.

Other than that you could alway try writing/arranging some stuff yourself??? Careful of Copyrights etc!!


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Nah, I think we're talking the proper 10-piece stuff like Evergreen, The Hustle and stuff like that.

Depends if you like quaver-crotchet rhythms all the way through on Horns, Baritones, Trombones and back row cornets... :D


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Thanks for your input so far,

Should have said that it’s a brass band 10-piece, 4 cornets, Eb horn, euph, tenor and bass trombone, bass and kit. And yes, The Hustle is about the standard of most of the pieces we've got at the moment!!

My concern about getting music from a website is that unless you know the piece and the arrangement before you buy it, you could end up with another trashy arrangement that you can’t send back. Anyone else got any pieces you’ve played and can recommend?
Try www.sibeliusmusic.com.

There are quite a number of ten part arrangements for BB type ten piece (Eb Horns/Euph etc). I've played a few which are OK and you can listen to them before you print them. The other thing is that they're free.

Whilst we're on the subject there are also a number of pieces for full band that can be printed from that site as well.

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I remember doing a standard ten-piece engagement with Wem some years ago and also remember that we only had a couple of 10 piece arrangements. We went through the majority of our library to see whether certain pieces would work or not. The music we eventually ended up playing came from 'Full' band pieces.
I think a lot of the Derek Ashmore arrangements work for 10-piece or full band.

Off the top of my head I also remember playing a varied and balanced programme and it was also a lot of fun rehearsing these pieces.

The beauty of this idea is that you can use other instruments that are not in a standard 10 piece arrangement.

Give it a try - you might save yourself a lot of money on new music.

The stuff I was talking about in my previous post works for the BB combination even if they are written for 4 troms instead of 2 troms, bari and euph. Something to check if you order by phone is if the horn parts come in Eb as well as F and tuba parts in C and Eb/Bb. They often do and trom parts will usually come in treble and bass clef which is handy.

There are some great pieces out there. We have a load of the cut down band arrangements to pad out programmes but the stuff that's been specifically written is much more fun. Not an off-beat in sight in the majority of horn parts :D


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Last summer, and I think the summer before that, my band turned into a 10 piece for August (we have a lot of students so attendance at August rehearsal can be difficult). Second the recommendation of Harvey, his brother used to play in our band and run the 10 piece stuff, some good entertaining music.

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Glad to see someone suggested me!!! :)

I wrote a swing arrangement of Unchained Melody for Brass Band AND rescored it for 10-piece, but it is a little cheesy, it's very jazzy, but if you would be interested, I will clear copyrights to publish the work.

The Brass Band version won't be available (for now anyway) since one of former publishers has neglected to send it back to me, I guess they have lost it.


At last count, a good friend of mine, Fred Muscroft, has about 900 tenpiece arrangements - the ten piece he formed is fantastic (although i am biased) - the music is good (although occasionally he tends to write chords instead of notes in the top cornet part) and most of the arrangements have never been arranged for band or ten piece anywhere else. Jazz, swing, popular stuff, although dont expect pop arrangements or anything.

PM me if anyones interested - I know he sells some of his arrangments such as carnival of venice, napoli and summertime, but i will have to check on the 10 piece stuff... I cant guarantee anything, but will ask the question - i know he takes copyright deadly seriously and wont photocopy stuff at all.

Just hope you aint got a lazy top cornet or top horn - cos some of the parts should have writted "optional flute" above them.

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