DEATH IN THE BOX - a tMP Murder Mystery


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Brilliant girls! :D The soaps got some competiton :wink: I'd better get writing!

More!!!! Soon!!!!


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A dead mute is a difficult thing. You can’t really do that much with it and it tends to decompose over time. Disposal of the body was recommended. The trouble was, nobody could do anything until the police arrived.

Sparkly came back quickly, eyes moist with tears as she’d always been a fan of the Mighty Mute. “They’ll be over as soon as they can,” she said.

“WELL IT ISN’T SOON ENOUGH!” a voice bellowed. Everyone turned round to see a rather irate figure storming towards Peter Bale. “I will NOT allow dead bodies to litter up my bandroom, it is just not on!” It was Dr. Nick Childs, annoyed at the disruption this would mean to his dedicated work with Dyke. Sparkly pacified him with a little help from JD, who was annoyed at having to leave his attempts to outdo CG’s Orange Juice. Luckily, the great man was soon calmed, and at this point the door to the bandroom burst open.

“Evenin’ all!” chirped a merry Irish voice. It was followed by a slight young man, his experience on matters of detection belied by his angelic blond, blue-eyed looks. “I’m DI Keppler of the Flying Squad”. He was greeted rapturously by the assembled tMPers, glad of the presence of the law. “I have a problem,” he confessed. “In my haste to come and solve this mystery I left my pathologist Despot at the airport. Could I possibly borrow CG’s medical skills do you think?” CG extracted herself from Valvecap’s loving embrace and proceeded to nick Keppler’s posh camera and take pictures of the body, just as she’d seen on Silent Witness. She also proceeded to do a couple of replacement fillings and a scale and polish – just because they needed doing.

“I’ve found an assistant to help me with the case,” said Keppler, “but I seem to have lost her. Where is the cheeky wee leprechaun?” At this point the door opened again and Twigglet danced in clutching a bottle of vodka. “Sorry Kepps, I had to go to the off licence,” she smiled. “Aah, I’ll let you off this time,” he twinkled. The pair worked round the scene of the crime and the tMPers murmured among themselves.

Valvecap approached Keppler. “I don’t suppose you could help me could you?” he asked. “Certainly, if I can” replied the detective. “Well, I have a couple of students in my Geography set who really need some work experience, just to get them out of my hair. Would you mind taking them along with you?” “Well… really goes against protocol…but why not?” said Kepps.

“Right lads! Over here!” barked Valvecap. Two disreputable characters ambled over. “Now you remember I told you if you didn’t behave you’d be on permanent work experience. You have constantly tried my patience so DI Keppler has a job for you.”

“Sir! Sir! Me sir, can I? Please sir?” NeilTwist chirped. “Gamrmphgl” agreed GeordieColin, mouth full of Listerine. Keppler marshalled the two tearaways into order and ushered them off.

As the body was removed to the satisfaction of Dr. Nick, Sparkly called the tMPers together. “I think we all need some food and alcohol,” she said. “Where shall we go?”
“I have just bought a new pad,” volunteered Nadia, “and it’s quite a decent size. I thought we could all live in harmony together as a community with meaningful jobs for all.” This was greeted with enthusiasm and the gang all trooped off to Nadia Towers.

The stately home owned by Nadia proved to be a perfect setting for the tMPers to unwind after their stressful day. Already the community was forming and establishing jobs – Dyl was the butler, Leisa became chief housekeeper. DJ Vickitorious and Entertainment Manager Groovy kept the party flowing well with top tracks such as “Regionals 2004” and much alcohol. After the alcohol had run dry, the Master of the House showed everyone to their rooms and tMP settled for the night.

The sound of an unearthly scream shattered the peace at 6.30am. It was followed by the ringing of the dinner bell for half an hour. As the bleary-eyed, hungover mob descended to the drawing room they were met by a wide-eyed Leisa.

“The young Master’s dead! Murdered!”

Any more for any more?

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Haha - nice one! Guess that means I'm the murderer then! I mean, it's always the butler isn't it?!!!!

Keep it going you two..........fantastic!


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you see, this is what happens when you get too many tMPers together in the same place... when will you learn? :roll:

Di B

Think you are in a catch 22 siuation... the more you post the more we want! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Great work though!


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Its great, keep it up guys! (Don't think it was you Leisa, you'd have fleed the scene rather than rung a bell! :wink: )

Big Twigge

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Make sure Cornetgirl gets the credit, I'm just providing a few ideas.(mostly bad, a few not so bad!)
Another fabulous installment CG!