Daytime playing for charity

Charnwood Brass is a collection of players in North West Leicestershire that play as small ensemble during weekdays at Residential Homes, hospital, etc to lift the spirits and to raise the odd donation or two for specific causes (local Hospice, animal rescue, etc).
We would welcome players willing to donate their time for 'team jobs' ( so no one has to turn out for every job) and are happy to play for an hour or two usually between 11am and 4pm or 7pm and 10pm depending on the concert/rehearsal.

Cornets. Trumpets. Tenor horns. Flugel. Baritones. Euphs. Trombones of all flavours and basses of both types.

Our aim is to have fun. To bring pleasure.
Contact us if you want more details. 07706 230157

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This looks like a jolly good idea to me and I wish it was nearer to where I live. Over the lockdown period I’ve played in small groups (when legal and safe to do so) and found it a very positive experience. Matt Kingston has a big selection of small group music available and doubtless there are some other selections too.
Good Luck!

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Thanks for your comments.
You’re welcome.

Most of us will live too remotely from you to share in what you’re doing in North West Leicestershire but some people might still like to know more about your activities and even start similar groups local to themselves.

Perhaps you might share details of what music you use, how you practice, how you established the group and how you linked up with your audience / care provider centres, etc.?

Establishment of such groups isn’t easy and might not prove possible in some places but trying is good. Some years back I established a small group local to me but the conductor wasn’t interested in playing popular music to the general public so I eventually moved on. We weren’t that good musically either but that would have been less obvious with the right music. As I recall it now getting a ‘right’ conductor and the ‘right’ music changes everything as would an attitude shift: good enough and actually there is fine, for some audiences perfection simply isn’t needed and they’re just glad that you’re there.

It’s quite surprising what a five piece group can achieve and once it comes together it’s both good fun and develops your playing. My own Band’s lockdown groups might continue for a while yet but as some of us travel quite a way to small group rehearsals and we play them without a conductor it’s not likely that we’ll do much with the small groups publicly - that wasn’t their original purpose and our current focus is on re-establishment of the main Band.
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