Sold/Expired David Thornton- New CD!?


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I've heard rumours that David Thornton was going to be releasing a new CD soon, but haven't heard any more news about it!
Anyone know anything about it?
I'm waiting in anticipation of buying it as soon as it comes out!
Cheers, Alex

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Roger Thorne

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I attended a Black Dyke concert last Saturday and it was announced that David would be releasing his CD mid-April.


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The CD is called Three Worlds and will be released on Saturday 17th April on our Doyen label.
I will make it available to pre-order from our website in the next few days.
I'll give the track listing tomorrow as I don't have this to hand right now.

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Here's the track list;

Bravura (Graham)
Flight (Wilby)
Theme and Variations (Rossini arr. Brennan)
Sonatine (Casterede)
Slavische Fantasie (Hohne arr. Graham)
Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs) (Sarasate arr. Ruedi)
Three Stories - Three Worlds (Meechan)

David is accompanied by Black Dyke Band in all tracks except Sonatine where the pianist is Fenella Howarth-Smith.

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