David Daws returns to ISB as principal cornet ?


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It seems that Stephen is gradually reducing the band to contesting numbers

i thought the imminent entry of army bands into contesting was fairly common knowledge. oh and dean jones feels he is wasted on euph and will soon move to bass trombone apparently...
PeterBale said:
It seems that Stephen is gradually reducing the band to contesting numbers

Partly true, I guess.
The band have been quite large in the past (5 trombones, 6 horns, 5 basses and even 6 solo cornets on the 1980 tour) but started to reduce in size while Robert Rehead was the Bandmaster.
When I joined in 1993, the basses had already been cut from 5 to 4.
(I was '3rd' Eb in a National Music School band years ago and hated it!)
We have had 3 trombones for several months now although Iain Parkhouse has recently joined the band to bring us back up to 3 baritones.
My sources tell me that the principle cornet of Ramsgate band, Ian Standley is likely to be a new feature on the front bench of the ISB. His ability to play all day together with his excellent technique will be a real asset. I would expect that he will not sit at number 5 though.
Nice to hear Paul is doing well - I was at the RCM at the same time as him. He was a fantastic trumpet player and even better on the cornet. He's a shy chap so didn't get as much pro work as his playing definately deserved.


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