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BeatTheSheep said:
BeatTheSheep said:
I do it by moving my jaw up and down. And then I do a lip trill. Seriously tho' it's a bit like an extension of vibrato. You just move further.

Apologies! I wasn't trying to suggest a method, but describe what seems to happen when I do it! On Euphonium you seem to be able to lip trill just using the pivot method. Whether my lips have been conditioned to work without reference to conscious brain instructions I don't know. It is a bit like riding a bike. Now descibe how you do that!

...Us Euphemismists get away a hell of a lot really!!... you can really make a load of rubbish sound quite impressive on a Euph... (or is that just me?) :?


...and then to to finish the song 10 minutes later with a top E as if it were nothing.)

I hate to make you feel worse, its actually a super G he plays at the end (and yes he does take a breath beforehand!)

Last year i met a guy (who now playes for Flowers) who was at the recording of it, apparently he played the entire piece from memory on the first take!, wel well .....it makes us all look *beep* eh?[/quote]

Yes, he does it live from memory, and sometimes goes about another 5th or so higher in the lip trills section! A friend of mine went to see him when he did a concert with Fodens, where he did seven solos, all from memory and all note perfect.

Sometimes I wonder why i bother...!


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The printed copy of Golden Slippers, and the version he plays on his CD, actually ends with a chromatic passage rising up to a Super Eb (tonic, in key of Eb major). Havent heard him go any higher than this when he plays it live.


drummerboy said:
I hate to make you feel worse, its actually a super G he plays at the end (and yes he does take a breath beforehand!)

What a load of rubbish! have u even seen the music for golden slippers, or heard david play it? - never before has he hit a super G at the end of it!

In fact the highest note in it is a super F quaver in the main theme, and very rarely does david go for that. He doesn't on his cd!


My mistake, but I've yet to hear someone make a better job of it than him.
However, a friend of mine saw him play with Fodens, and he did throw in quite a few super notes, especially in the lip trill section. So he has done it!


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not a G though :p

getting back on topic... the name "lip trill" is deceiving as infact it is nothing to do with the lips whatsoever.. there should be no visible sign at all facially when you are trilling.. it should be called a "tongue trill" as its the tongue that does all the work, re-directing the air back and forth to form two different pressured columns of air.


Unfortunatly although there are many LIP FLEXI books on the market few give a good insight to this mis-named trick.

Insted of a LIP TRILL it ought to be called a TONGUE TRILL [Aiden from Bolton is RIGHT!]

Here's how it's done...


...take an F# on the top line of the staff [mezzopiano] and play it with 123 fingerings, big breath for air support and without changing your lip position raise you tongue higher in your mouth with an aim of creating a speed ramp for the air to ride up like a skateboarder ascending his jump-ramp. Raise the tongue --- TAW--OH--- till the note breaks to the next harmonic and let it fall back down...THERE YOU GOT IT--- A TRILL!!! --take a bigger breath and repeat ad-nauseum. If you find it hard, you ain't got enough air support / close enough lip position in the mpc / or the cat has gotten your tongue! :wink:

I first noticed these affectations listening to Louis Armstrong who on a big vibrato broke into a shake. Whether he came upon this by accident or design is kind of irrelevant.


...start with learning to control a hand vibrato on middle c...slowly move the whole hand [with the wrist stationary] back and forth. we will eventually make this into a shake on a higher note...but for now learn to control that hand vibrato. ..got that?..good...all it does is bounce the horn very GENTLY against the lip in order to set up pulsations. You should not be able to see your hand move---MOVE THE HORN. This will not be accomplished overnight..talke your time and don't hurt yourself...NOW...take an F# on the top line of the staff and play it with 123 fingerings...and create the same HAND vibrato...then do it a little quieter [mezzopiano] with a bigger breath for air support and roll the tongue a little forward till the note breaks to the next harmonic...THERE YOU GOT IT--- A SHAKE!!! 8)

Loads more playing info in my books...