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Can anyone out there help me please?

My mother has seen Dave Morris on some morning tv show just recently, and because it mentioned that he used to play in a band, has assumed that I will know all about him.
It seems he has recorded a CD. Does anyone know where I can get hold of a copy for her?
This will seriously lessen the amount of earache I get from her.
Thanks in anticipation.......


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We've got a copy in the office but the CD itself doesn't tell you much other than it was produced by Mike Briggs for S L Recordings.
I think we got ours from Kirklees Music.

Naomi McFadyen

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whistler... we did a concert with him end of last year... he was on Blue Peter earlier this month.... check 4BR out about that one ;-) also featured on YBS' latest CD, Simple Gifts...


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Many thanks for the help. The earbashings have diminished dramatically since I told her that I have now ordered it for her.

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