Daring Admission

Brian Bowen

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Hang onto your hats, folks. In this month’s edition of BBC Music Magazine*, Richard Morrison, the music critic and regular feature writer, dares to admit he has “an incurable affection, inherited from my father, for the ultra-Romantic brass band music of Eric Ball — a penchant not widely shared, for some reason, among my fellow music critics.”

*According to the BBC it’s the world’s best-selling classical music magazine.


I like reading Richard Morrison in the Times. He has admitted to playing 2nd trombone in a London-based brass band (thinks: which one?) in his youth, and any music critic who will admit to that has something going for him, I think :wink:


I certainly didn't mean to denigrate 2nd trombonists - I'm married to one! (alright, so she's transferred to percussion now, but... :oops: )

What I mean is that the snobbery in the music business, at least in the UK, makes it an act of some bravery (IMHO) for Morrison to admit to ever having had anything to do with brass bands!

Martin Taylor
(2nd) Eb Bass, Wantage Band


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You're right about the snobbery in UK music but so long as people like John Wallace don't deny their roots I think there's always hope ;)


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