Dancing in The Street

I seem to be doing a lot of dancing just lately!!! when people are trying to pass on the street, and there isn't enough room. What's all that about, why do people go the same way as me and we end up dancing!!!! this as happened about 3 or 4 times recently. I find it strange that strangers can think so much a like, as in we both go the same way to get pass!! Only wrote this cos I'm bored by the way!!! :wink:
x_lizc_x said:
Big Twigge said:
I like dancing on streets with strangers....a great way to meet people!

Really? I might just have to try that...

Ditto. But i'm not really a great fan of dancing!
Now if it was going up to people and playing a trombone i'm sure i could manage it! (just about!)


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I'm not old enough either :D :wink:

On the dancing topic though...

I do dance down streets and round super markets.. well anywhere if I've got the energy in me....

But I'm not one to dance with strangers... unless they're strangers I'm supposed to know, if that makes sense! :? :p

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