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Hi, just wondering if anyone had a daily routine that enabled them to develop all aspects of their playing, and what it was? Just to help me develop mine with the Arban, find it quite boring- trying to vary exercises I do, but I don't seem to be making much progress :? Getting me really down :cry: So if anyone can help plz do!


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Mine is -

1) A quick buzz
10-20 mins lip slurs out of the 'How Brass Players Do It' book
3) 5 mins single tonguing from the Arban
4) 5 - 10 mins triple tonguing ( Sometimes I spend ages doing this though!)
5) 5 - 10 mins double tonging ( Sometimes spend ages doing this as well! both from the Arban)
6) Run through 1 of the studies
7) A few scales
8 ) Low notes if my lips are starting to get tired
9) Work a bit on my high range
10) Spend as much time as I want on pieces! :D

Most of the excercises I do are from the Arban and after about a week, you can hear that your playing is starting to improve and when you know that it makes it more fun! :D

Hope this helps.


Dave Euph

This is my routine.

- Pedal notes to get me 'buzzing'
- Long notes and breathing exercises
- Lip Flexibilities (starting slowly and building up)
- Single-tongueing exercises
- Double-tongueing exercises (starting slow)
- Triple-tongueing exercises (starting slow)
- Scalic (sp?) exercises and general scales and arpeggios
- Upper registry

Quick break

- Number of pieces in no particular order.

This develops all aspects of playing as long as you variate what exercises you do. Although if you stick with the same exercises for a few days then that will benefit you as well as you develop your playing in a very focused way.


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Open eyes, have a fag, go to work, come home, go pub, watch tv, go to bed, pray that I became a better player today,have a fag, fall asleep. Works a treat :wink:


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play some notes... swear a lot... attempt a few flexibilities... swear a lot... run through a few pieces... swear much more!... give up and have a drink.

Really I think I should come up with a better routine, i might even improve!


In the morning I think ............. I should really practice today..........but don't.

Next day...................I should really practice today.................but maybe tomorrow..............etc, etc.

Seem to generally get by OK though without it but of course we can all improve with practice.

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