I saw the West End Show 'Cyberjam' last Saturday.

'Cyberjam' is from the same genre as 'Blast' which appeared in the West End about 2 or 3 years ago. The American cast of around 30 musicians (mainly brass and percussion, with a few amazing saxophonists thown in) will amaze you with there playing, and there creativeness, including playing trombone while on a trampoline! (5 of them at once!)

The performance of Bohemian Rhapsody has to be seen to be believed and the whole theatre literally rocked as they belted out Good Vibrations. My two teenage children thought it was brilliant and the standing ovation was a fitting response to two hours of fabulous entertainment.

Not sure how long it will be on in London, so I would recommend anyone who is in easy reach of the capital try and catch it quick. You may get some ideas for your next entertainments contest!

psst. Try for some fantastic ticket offers!

Jules Cornet


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Jules Cornet said:
We also went to the Lord Mayor's show and were able to catch Grimethorpe playing outside St Paul's Cathedral too! All this and home in time for Pop Idol!

Our timbrels were on the Lord Mayor's Show, and then made it out to Thaxted for our "Last Noight of the Proms" concert - they were shattered by the time they'd finished, though :wink:
I would endorse all comments here about Cyberjam, a sensational evenings entertainment.
I've been twice now but must admit I feel for the musicians that, day in day out, are playing to a partly filled theatre.
The cast greet you in the foyer on the way out and it's been good to chat to a few of them to encourage them and find out about their preparations for the show.

I seem to remember that Blast started rather quietly but then the word got around and they were playing to full houses every night in the end.
Bohemian Rhapsody is superb, so creative. I loved watching the trombones playing the 'pyramid' with their instruments through their legs!

If you haven't been yet, get there soon!
Just returned from London after buying tickets from for Cyberjam (£10 for 2 seats 3 rows back from the front of stage). It has been a wonderful day out - the show is fantastic & so energetic. Only one word of warning :? - my husband is showing too much interest in the female trombone player (& I don't think it is just her "sound" which entranced him!) Thanks to the posting on 4barsrest - otherwise we would never have heard about this show - make sure you see it soon


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Just got home from seeing the show this pm. WOW :shock:
I thought Blast was fab, but this was something else! It certainly puts all the post-Spennymore how-entertaining-is dropping-yer-pants discussions into perspective.

If you haven't seen it yet, go now!!!
PeterBale said:
Andrew Justice had also posted somewhere to say it was a good show - pity it is on at such a busy time of year!
I saw Andrew there again today so he must have been impressed!


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i went down to see this with a load of people from my youth band. Such an amazing show, and those guys have bags of talent! I have a feeling they sit at home in massive mansions with gorgeous wives, quietly smiling to themselves...

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