Cute lunch


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didnt their mothers ever tell them not to play with their food? :roll:

homocidalbennyboy said:
Does any one remember Billy Bear? :mrgreen:

i thought i was the only one who actually ate that stuff!!!!!
billy bear ruled!!!!!!


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lynchie said:
still wouldn't make me want to eat sushi...

i was in the same mind at one point
till i was forced to eat it (posh japanees restaurant - didn't want to show my self up lol) , is really nice really, only had the once peice though as thats all there was 8)


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i used to eat billy bear!

lol, now im a veggie! (hmm link?)

please lets not turn this into a whatever happened to..... post!

ooooh idea!

k xx

six pints

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billy bear rocks!!

altho i really really dont like the powerpuff girls. when i get rounf to it i'll post a link to good game.... bit sleepy now tho

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