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At C.E. Kilian Designs, we write custom musical arrangements and drill design for brass bands, marching bands, drum corps, and many other types of musical ensembles. We have a few slots open for 2003, so reserve your spot soon!

At C.E. Kilian Designs, we provide a number of services and package deals to serve all programming needs of virtually any ensemble. You can pick and choose from our list of services to fit the specific needs of your group. Need wind and mallet percussion arrangements but not battery percussion? That's fine. Want an entire show programmed, written, and delivered in one package? We have a design team that can handle that. Need drill design and that's it? That's okay too.

C.E. Kilian Designs has partnered with some very talented individuals to provide these services. You tell us how many members in the ensemble, what skill level they're at, your strengths and weaknesses, and we'll work with you to put together the perfect custom program. You can even arrange to bring us in for program consultation.

Our slots are filling up quickly. We only take on as many jobs as we can handle to provide the highest quality product available. So don't delay! Fill out our form at, and let's start building a great show together!

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