Crawley Results


MRSH said:
Trigger said:
Hello, I've been told to call you Mrs H :lol: by none other than accidental. :wink:
Hee-Hee. She's a cheeky mare.

Alex?- a cheeky mare? Never :wink: :lol: No she's top- is was nice catching up you with Alex and Nigel- missed you both :D .

MRSH said:
Did you think I was a bit of a woman then :oops: 8) :oops: 8)

Of course not :roll: :D

Jan H

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BassoProfundo said:
The Belgians were superb - congratulations to them retaining the trophy they won last year. Incredible to think they're only graded as 1st Section in Belgium :shock:
I personally know several players from the Noord-Limburgse Brassband (Conductor Ivan Meylemans also conducts the band that I play in). They told me they had a great time in Crawley. You can check the pictures on their website: -> It's in Dutch, but just click on the logo to enter the site, and then go to "Foto's"
As a matter of fact, a few years ago, they had the chance to go to the championships section after winning the Belgian title in 1st section, but they choose to stay in 1st.

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