CRAMP!!!! - what can you do?


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You could try Crampex available at all large pharmacies. Quite good I hear ...

Okiedokie of Oz

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Depending on where the cramp is, it could be caused by mild dehydration in the muscles. Keep fluids up, and strectch whatever musicle is cramping. It'll hurt, but stop the cramp.

Okiedokie of Oz

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The classic for me was watching a TV show and I got a shock. My leg muscle cramped and retracted, pulling my leg up painfully. It took 6 months to wallk the paid off totally.


I would say a bad place to get it would be in a rehearsal with phillip mccann; but it happened last night....and i laughed my socks off !! The person who it happened to actually stood up and started doing stretches infront of the band. haha


Well Worth It said:
Two worst cramps are when you have 20ft of water under you, and when you're....errr........with somebody. :evil:

Ooh dear- That's unfortunate!!! :shock: :lol: :lol:


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i didn't think there was much you could do with it other than do sonething with affected part

used to get it in my leg all the time in my leg at night usually, used to wake up nearly screamin, had a limp for days after as well

Dave Euph

Youch! I've never seriously suffered any form of cramp, bad luck to the guy who was unfortunate to get it in front of the ever-lovable Mr. McCann! I'm trying my best to imagine what he said about it!

Poor sod though, cramp is bad enough without having to sort it out in front of band.

Brian Bowen

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My wife says she remembered this tip that she read in a Doctor's newspaper column (in the USA). The doctor said several people over the years had told him that a bar of soap will relieve the cramp. He wasn't sure exactly where to put it (in this case it was leg cramp)-- in bed near your legs, in the legs of whatever you wear to bed, or on the cramp. My wife put it on the cramp and then just left it in bed with her and found that it really works! The Dr. couldn't explain the phenomenon.


I get cramp in my toes now and then. It is just so silly and it is only when I'm sat stretched out on the sofa.

I just generally grab hold of my toes and softly massage ( :shock: ) them!


PS Am I the only person who looks at Brian Bowen's avatar, (above), and see something 'different' before seing partof the good ol US of A!!?

Sorry Brian. I don't know whether this is a little joke by you.

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