Coventry Variations


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Does any one know of any decent recordings (preferably on CD) of Bram Tovey's 'Coventry Variations'?

As it's Christmas we've been playing The Coventry Carol quite a bit and it's reminded me of when we played Coventry Variations under the baton of Mr. Tovey with the National Youth Brass Band of Wales.



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Coventry Variations is available on Guardian Of Our Way, recorded by the London (Ontario) Citadel band in 1997. It is also on the Rigid Containers cd entitled English Landscapes, and the live recording from the National contest in 1989. as well as the live recording made at the Salvation Army's music leaders' festival in 1997 (London in London - also by the london Onatrio band).
The Clarence Adoo Brass Band will be performing this piece on Saturday 28th June 2003 @ 7pm in the Croydon Citadel Salvation Army Hall with the composer himself conducting.

Since the recordings mentioned, 3 more variations have been added.
I've no doubt that a band will want to record the full-length version sooner or later, it's a great piece!


there is a recording of coventry variations recorded by NYBB with Bram Tovey conducting, but it was recorded primarily for course members and probably is no longer could try contacting Doyen about it though

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