Coventry Variations - Antique Cymbals


we were thinking either just a manky old cymbal that doesnt sound v nice, or is it a smaller one?! :roll: :?:


Dredging something up from my memory of playing 'Excelsior!', when composers refer to Antique Cymbals, do they not imply Crotales? If the note is 'pitched', then it would make sense.

However, I think I'm horribly wrong....


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I have always understood that "antique cymbals" are very small - only a couple of inches across, and struck against each other - aren't they also known as "chinese bells"?


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Antique cymbals are crotales, you'll need the bottom range though, is it a bottom A?

I dont know if you can buy individuals or not but there will be people who may lend them out, I can prob get hold of one, I'm sure Aidan geary has one, and if you ask Ray Payne nicely he might bring one anyway to the areas.


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Give it till a few days before the contest and the erata will probably say it should be clash cymbals anyway!!!


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I always thought, generally speaking, all percussion equipment is provided at the areas anyway?



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Going on my recolections of the Edward Gregson's "Of Men and Mountains" he wrote for "antique cymbals" in that. Basicaly if you go to a music shop, preferably a percussion specialist, and as for some finger cymbals you should be somewhere near the mark.

Make sure that you get cast finger cymbals, something like Zildjian or LP make, and not some toy sheet metal cast offs.

Hope that helps.

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