Courtois Tenor Horn

can anyone please help me?!

I have had a sovereign horn on order since September and have now been told that it will at least another 8 weeks :!:

I am not a very happy bunny as you can imagine.

I am being offered a Courtois horn to try (don't know what model yet) and wondered what people's opinions are.

All comments would be appreciated.




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nuff said??

ok.. ok...

Doesnt blend with any other type/make of horn/brass instrument known to man

I'd stick it out for a sov.. the newest ones are meant to be better now that booseys have been taken over.


I've been looking for a horn too. I'm falling into the notion that there are only 2 real choices (the sov and the Yamaha Maestro) I've found a few more expensive that are not a consideration for me (and I know nothing about them). The one Courtois is a tiny bore horn so I passed on it, the other (Symphonie) I don't recall why I dropped it(perhaps because I only found one dealer? I'm also over looking the Amati, does anyone have a reason why I should stop and take a look?

The world seems to have decided that Yamaha and Besson are the two choices (even though owners of both claim to experience loads of valve problem. I believe it has more to do with Kerosene, brasso and gear oil mixture people cook up to use on them. Anybody got a horn other than these two they love? (not meaning to stray from the courtois issue...)
I've actually played the Courtois now and it makes a nice sound which is fairly deep and mellow compared to the Besson 700 that I currently play.

I'm still very undecided as part of me had set my sights on the Sov, coz thats what everyone says I should have.

The Courtois looks virtually identical to a Sov and the valves are lovely and smooth althought slightly heavy.

Should I say no and wait for the Sov which could be problematic or should I just buy the Courtois.

Decisions, decisions I just hate them :!: :!:


My friend bought a Cortois for the reasons you said, then went to band and couldn't blend in with the rest of the section, she said she felt out of place with the bessons. So she quickly got rid of it for a soverign and apart from the sticky valves at the beginning, its fine now.


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id take the courtois on trial.. cos any instrument can sound decent on its own... but when you put it together in an ensemble its a different matter.


courtois horn

I plated on a courtois horn whilst playing for Leyland and found it easy to play in all aspects. If it was me I would go for the courtois.

What do you play at present. The reason for asking I am currently living in Australia and I am looking for an old model sovereign for a student. Could you or anybody help.

E mail is


Steve Ridler
When I started the thread I was playing on the bands besson 700 series which always produced a nice sound and was easy to play.

Since then I have bought the Courtois after much deliberation and testing in band and I am really pleased with it.

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