courtois euphoniums!

anyone out there got a new courtois euph? if so what do you think about them? ive had mine for 2 months or so now and just geting uset to it! even though ive only been playing euph for a year i realy love it! the only problems ive had are trigger sezing up and valves sticking but arnt all new instraments like that? also geting it in tune with the rest ov the band ie top F's but ive masterd in now (nearly) what do you think about em? anyone els have the same problems as me?


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As You know Rick I got one yesterday (on a week trail) - so really i havn't had chance to play it yet will be in a few mins.
had a little blow on it yesterday and noticed a diffrence in how it plays - but can't form an opinion yet :)


I don't have one personally but I know someone who does and she's had no end of trouble with the trigger, it's been back for repair a couple of times, sometimes it grates, some times it vibrates and for a while it was held together with an elastic band. other than that she seems to like it though.


I think I remember reading that the ideal solution (if you have lots of spare cash) is to buy a courtois, have the trigger removed and have a prestige trigger fitted!


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I was talking to a Euph player who'd had a Prestige trigger fitted to his Sovereign, and he said that there was some sort of difficulty with it - that B&H wouldn't sell them separately or something like that. That doesn't sound quite right, but he'd found it far more difficult than he'd anticipated. Sorry for being uselessly non-specific...


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