Could Someone tell me what a BOC is?


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Some of my so-called friends and former pupils referred to me as a BOC last night and, as I see the initials regularly (BOC Brother etc), I would like to know what one is. Any offers?


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Well Worth It said:
The last word you can substitute as anything really but the first two are Boring Old.......

Oh Well, that's alright then.

It's true. I am Boring, :) I am Old :)

and I am VERY Charming :lol:


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That's kind of you Lauradoll, but couldn't you share that with all of us?

I'm curious too, you know. :)


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I'll get modded if I write the c word (big clue)! It has four letters and rhymes better not put that. Last letter is t. Bet this gets modded!!


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Don't worry dearest, I've got it.

It was the same as those naughty ex-pupils told me. I didn't think the mods would allow BOC Brother though. After all, if it's the same, it's the same! :? Isn't it? :?


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OK, this will prob get moved, but I can't find the thread we had a long time ago for love nor money. So sorry MODs if you do have to move this, just I thought it made sense to put it in a current thread.

Ages ago there was a thread on the places we had seen the word BOC in usage, and some people had pictures. Well I was on holiday last week and what should drive past while I was taking photos but...


For those that can't see the image above (sometimes GeoCities blocks hotlinking) Click Here to view the picture...

Ok, so I know I need to get out more, but hey, I was on holiday, I'm allowed to let my amazing levels of coolness drop just a little :roll:

John Brooks

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I too have seen the improper :shock: use of the BOC name over the past several months and have often been tempted to comment. This :idea: seems to be an appropriate time. Here is the accurate history of the name:

The company was started by Arthur and Leon Brin, who took out the first of their patents on a process for separating oxygen in 1880.

Fundamental to life itself, oxygen has become indispensable to the way we live. In the 124 years since Arthur and Leon established Brin's Oxygen Company Ltd, or BOC as it went on to become, oxygen has played a leading role.

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