Cosmetic Surgery....would you?

what would you have done.....

  • a face lift/nose job

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  • full body lift

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  • Body part reduction for you lucky boys and girls!

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  • Other....(please give details)

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Big Twigge

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Following the very important polls on peanut butter and bacon I feel that we have found an equally important topic for discussion.
This follows a conversation with Mr Keppler... the big question is would you and if you would, what would you do??

Opinions please...


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alright, I'll admit it was a wierd conversation - and I've been assured that mole removal is not cosmetic!

Dave Payn

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Keppler said:
and I've been assured that mole removal is not cosmetic!

Indeed it's not. Just wait till they pop up from underground and stamp on the critters! (Only joking! Wouldn't dream of it! ;-)

No, my ugliness is beyond repair. People still come up to me and say 'Get out of town'

I voted nothing, not because I couldn't do with some major body sculpting but I watched the documentary called under the knive and it was awful, what people are prepared to put themselves through for vanity is madness, mind a little tuck here and there !!!!!!!!!!!mmmmmmm

Dave Payn

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Does anyone remember, back in 1990, a spoof six part documentary called Set of Six? It featured Dr Martin Scrote and his five brothers (all played each week, by Rowland Rivron). The 'black sheep' Ronnie Scrote, was a 'supergrass' (or so he thought) and after being told he's going to be 'relocated' he tries to get a disguise by cosmetic means from a 'flat in Lewisham'. Thinking he's going to be sent to Rio, he ends up being dumped in Rejkyavik. The make up team did a great job because the seriously bodged up 'cosmetic surgery' looked thoroughly convincing! Put me off!
I voted other reason, I could do with a fresh pair of lungs as I only have one-third of one.
Let that be a lesson to all you smokers!!!!!!



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Give me a couple of hundred k and I'll go under the knife faster than you can say it.
Liposuction, tummy-tuck (thanks LittleBabyBadger), boob lift. Nothing on the face though. If a tummy tuck goes wrong I can keep my shirt on. If a face job goes wrong I'm not wearing a burkha.
Besides I have a very cute nose. 8)

Shallow and Superficial Badger

I do not think anyone else on this forum is in need of any cosmetic enhancement at all. You are all paragons of lovliness.


Hell Yes!!!

Although I would draw the line at having anything implanted. But nips, tucks, peels, pulls, uplifts... Bring It On! :D

Big Twigge

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I think a little surgery here and there wouldn't go amiss, although would be very happy if it was free (only to me :wink: )and guaranteed to work....
Am blessed with health and no-one can buy that (unless on the blackmarket) so will make do with my 'wobbly' bits - or alternatively work on them!

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