Should bands drop their name for sponsorship

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It has just been announced that the Buy as You View Cory Band is dropping Cory from its title, this is in recognition of the six years BAYV has supported the band.

What will happen if they decide to pull out as they have done with numerous other projects in Wales.

Shouldn't bands try and keep their identity along with their sponsors.

What do you fellow TMP'ers think?


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I can't say I know where the Cory part originally came from - was it a place, or a previous sponsor, perhaps?


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MoominDave said:
I can't say I know where the Cory part originally came from - was it a place, or a previous sponsor, perhaps?
There are more details on the band's website here


BAYV Band website said:
The band will always be indebted to John and Richard Cory for their support and their role in the band’s evolution will be clearly documented in the band’s archive and will be referred to with great passion and pride whenever possible. Never the less as we changed the name from The Ton Temperance Band to The Cory Band to reflect the support the band received from the two brothers. The time is now right to afford the same respect to Buy As You View.
Makes sense to me!
I think it makes sense, it sounds as though they have a great relationship with the sponsors, but to fellow bands people, I think we'll always know them as Cory's.


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What do we think about bands that keep the sponsors name long after the sponsor has dropped them or gone out of business ?
Ever Ready, Imps, Faireys, Grimethorpe etc etc.


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I'm certain this is not a decision that has been taken lightly, and I would tend to go along wioth their way of thinking. If you were to keep all the various bits and pieces of names you would end up with something quite unwieldy, and people would almost certainly get it wrong, miss bits out etc.

Having said that, I'm sure the name Cory will stick around for a fair while yet, as often happens when bands change their sponsorship :wink:


Lauradoll said:
Isn't Grimethorpe a place???! :shock:

Yeah Grimthorpe is a place.

We were known as Ever Ready for 38 years and kept the name because all of our success came under that name and we identified ourselves with it. However at the end of 2004 our name will change and we will finally drop ER to become The Reg Vardy Band.
A name we are proud to carry. But like someone else said the banding fraternity and public will all way call us Ever Ready and I think the same goes for Cory.

Im one of the old school and still can YBS Hammonds. Strange Eh!!


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I think a sponsor's name is often a major part of any band's identity. "Imps" will always be known as "Imps" as much as "Reg Vardy" will be always be "Ever Ready". I think that a gradual dropping of a previous name is a good idea as it allows people to place a new identity to the band in question. For example, if Ever Ready had suddenly become Reg Vardy, many people outside the North East would be like "who are this Reg Vardy band?" and "Whatever happened to ER?". With the gradual dropping of a name people can re-identify better.

I think if BAYV feel it is time to drop the "Cory" then so be it, because, as this thread has illustrated well, everyone will know that BAYV were Cory and hence now making the "Cory" irrelevant!!

Makes a lot of sense to me!!


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I still call Reg Vardy Band "Craghead Colliery", and Imps will always be
"t' Copperworks" - any other old giffers about ?
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As has been said previously, every one will still refer to them as "Cory". I'm sure everyone associated with them, know what the Cory brothers did for the band, and the decision will not have been taken lightly, the name may change but the players are all still the same, and I'm sure they will still be at the top, challenging for the prizes whether as "Cory" or "BAYV". :D
Didn't Dyke drop the "Mills" from there name as well?? :?:

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Should bands drop their names for sponsorship?

Probably best to keep your name if sponsored by the likes of Tampax, Lil-lettes, Durex, Anusol etc. etc...... ;-) :)


Little bit sad that Cory have dropped their name i think. It would be easier to comment if the circumstances were known. If buy as you view demended it i suppose that they would have had no choice.

Only a pity cos people all over the world of banding know Cory as a top class band of today as yesterday, and a Welsh one more importantly. Think its a little bit too much for the band to give u its history and heritage.

Dyke didnt chnge to Bradford and Bingly band did they!! thats cos no one would have known who they were I fear!!

P.s I recently saw a video of Cory at the European in Munich 1999, and there were no women in the band then either!!!!!!!! :idea:

None of my buisness of course!!! :D :D :evil:


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When Eagley dropped the "Mills" from their name when I was still a nipper, it seemed like the end of an era. Especially as, when the mill closed, we had to move into the upstairs room of the pub on the street. (You know I can't remember what that pub was called now :oops: )

And then, I think either the management of the pub changed or the pub itself was being knocked down and we had to lose our home again it was a huge wrench for those of us who are sentimental about such things.

But life goes on and it's nice to see old friends from time to time at contests and such. 8) Whatever their names are. :wink:


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There are probably many bands, including ours, who would be very willing to change their name if a sponsor were carrying all of the band's expenses!

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