Cornet/Trombone duets


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does anyone know of any decent cornet/trombone duets about grade 6 standard?? would be very greatful for any suggestions.....thank-you!xx
Is this brass band or piano accompaniment?

A good brass band one is 'duet for two cats', haven't played much duets with piano only 'Holy City' for my GCSE music.
I would suggest Joy in my Soul by Erik Silfverberg and recorded by David Daws and Andrew Justice with the ISB.
It might be a bit above grade 6 standard but there's now harm in aiming high!


I think Robin Dewhirst did one called Coming Home ??? Which ids done in a Jazz Waltz type style. Brett Baker and Ian Porthouse recorded it.

Dave Euph

Jan Van der Roost did a good duet for trombone and cornet called Concerto Grosso, we played it recently in uni brass band. I think it's probably a bit above grade 6 standard though.

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