Sold/Expired Cornet Solos

Cornet Solos now available from Crabtree Music Publications :-

You Raise Me Up
arr. Andy Duncan

Winner of the Best new composition/arrangement at the 2002 Brass in Concert Championship and as recorded by Sellers on their CD "American Landscapes"

Eriskay Love Lilt
arr. Andy Duncan

A wonderful setting of the traditional Celtic Air.
(A version for Cornet and Piano is also available)

Raskin/Mercer arr. Mark Freeh

A lilting jazz solo originally worked for Flugel but that works just as well on Cornet. As recorded on the CD "Freeh Way"

Once Upon A Time in the West
Morricone arr. Andy Duncan

A lovely lyrical solo for Soprano Cornet of the main theme from the classic Spaghetti Western.

arr. Mark Freeh

A wonderful 3/4 waltz solo originally made for Trevor Groom. Works as well for Cornet as it does for Euphonium. Again this was recorded on the CD "Freeh Way".

Coming Soon :-

Italian Holiday
Brian Bowen

A fantastic Cornet Solo as performed by Roger Webster
(A Piano Reduction will also be available)

Hejre Kati
Hubay arr. Mendez/Freeh

A scintiallating Cornet Solo as featured on "Freeh Way" and also on the recent hit CD "The Sound of David Daws"

Plus many, many more.

Also available from CMP solos for Trombone, Horn, Euphonium and E-flat Bass as well as many full band arrangements from our team of writers Andy Duncan, Mark Freeh, David Stowell, myself and Brian Bowen.

Why not visit our website at for more details where we are pleased to be able to offer secure on-line ordering facilities, or contact us directly for a complimentary copy of our most recent catalogue.

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