Cornet Solo - Not Forgotten and Bandsman S.H. Barker

Looking for some help regarding a lost cornet solo "Not Forgotten" and any details on Bandsman S.H. Barker. This is a plea for help since a hint popped up on my The cornet solo was supposedly written by my great grandfather S.H. Barker and written circa 1905. I know he conducted a few bands including Trumpington Brass Band (Contest at Cambridge 1903 where they won first prize of £5) and Abergavenny Borough (concert in Abergavenny Castle grounds circa 1917). He was ex-navy bandsman and if I were to believe my father he once arrived in Abergavenny sitting on a circus carriage conducting the circus orchestra! He certainly seems to have a pretty varied musical back-ground. "Not forgotten" was performed in The Grand Opera House, Wellington, NZ, along with a March "Charles Holland's Own" also written by S.H. (Charles Hollands was married to my Great Aunt who emigrated to NZ early 1900s). This performance was by the Waterside Workers Band. Unfortunately these are all the facts I have so far. He is well travelled, but areas most likely to have heard of him are Cambridgeshire and anywhere in South Wales (he died 1927 in Aberdare).
I appear to be the only brass banding member of the family since S.H. and therefore have great interest in knowing more (would certainly like to find the Cornet Solo). If your band is anything like ones I have played for in the past you probably have some very old, yellow and dog-eared scores deep in your band vaults. If you are your bands historian you may also be able to help. Nonetheless, if my story has not bored you all to tears would you please take a look for me. I am happy for responses to be placed here, but if it turns out he burned down your band-room or is responsible for any other heinous crime you had better send private response. Thanks for reading.