Cornet/conductor, South London based

Dave Payn

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Instrument: Cornet

Conductor/Compere: Yes/Yes

Location/Region: Croydon (South London)

Grade: 8 (though that was 22 years ago!)

Name: Dave Payn

Contact Details: 020 7306 4214 (work) 020 8686 2490 (home) 07752 655699 (mobile)

Instrument(s) played: Cornet/sop

Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: 2nd downwards (playing Bb cornet and conducting); 3rd/4th (sop).

How much notice do you require: As much as can be given! If I'm free, I'll help out.

Name of your present Band: Fulham (playing) Croydon (conducting)

Position played within present Band: Principal cornet (temporary)

What section is your present Band in: 4th

Would you require transport: Dependent on where job is. In London - no (unless it's in the far reaches of North London. Outside London, probably

Do you require expenses: Playing - £10 - conducting £25

Any additional comments/Information: Perfectly happy to play anywhere in cornet section (I'm one of those rare buggers that LIKES playing 2nd or 3rd). If asked to dep conduct, I would like to know the programme in advance (you'd be amazed how many bands don't do this!)


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