Cornet Concertos


I'm writing a long and laborious essay and I need a list of cornet concertos that have been written in the last fifty years.
Want to make sure I haven't missed anything...

Can you prompt me with some??


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Bourgeois; Gregson; Philip Sparke; Heaton (Sinfonia Concertante); Ray Woodfield; Elgar Howarth; Phil Lawrence (Blaze); Johnny Bates; Nigel Clarke (Mysteries of the Horizon); Martin Ellerby;

I'm no expert, and I'm sure there must be lots more. Don't include the Denis Wright, though, as that goes back to 1942 so falls outside your range.


I've got this lot...

1974 Tomlinson, Ernest Cornet Concerto

1974 Carmichael Lyric Concerto

1994 Nilsen Concerto for Bb Cornet

2003 Wilby, Philip Concerto 1945

1988 Snell, Howard Fantasy for Cornet

2012 Ellerby, Martin Cornet Concerto

2017 Bouregois, Derek Cornet Concerto

2019 Harper, Philip Concerto for Cornet

Wood, Gareth Concerto no. 2 for Cornet

2002 Howarth, Elgar Concerto for Cornet

2019 Harper, Philip Cornet Concerto

James Yelland

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You could add

Gordon Langford - Rhapsody for cornet and band
Elgar Howarth - Sonatina for cornet
Peter Meechan - Milestone

None of these have the word 'concerto' in their title but they are all extended works which are to all intents and purposes concertos. I don't have the dates to hand but I'm sure that even the Langford squeezes into the 50 year bracket.