Copyright again - scores this time


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I have noted the recent trend, especially in own choice and entertainments contests, toward the use of two adjudicators. Laudable though this is it does pose a problem to bands, namely that the band will have to find three scores ( 2 for adjudicators and 1 for conductor). Now with my interpretation of the copyright laws does this mean that they all have to be originals and has anyone been penalised for using a copy score? I note that in the field of computer software it seems acceptable for the owner (i.e purchaser) of a copyright item to make one copy for their own use, is this a legal right or is it just hearsay? Also is it acceptable to hand in maybe one original score and one copy clearly marked as such, possibly along the lines of "COPY SCORE - PLEASE RETAIN OR DESTROY"

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

Dave Payn

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As per a reply Roger Thorne gave to another poster regarding copyright elsewhere on this particular board, a separate thread regarding copyright and its legal implications etc. will be appearing on here soon. Between us (me being a PRS employee, the others being brass publishers who as well as being equally clued up about the UK copyright law, know more about the ropes regarding print rights etc.) we hope to cover near enough every aspect of the tricky subject of copyright.


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