Cool new Game!!


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We'll play doubles! kate_the_horn and I, against 2md and HBB! :D

Off we go!

*Throws ball into air*

Thwack *sails over the net and bounces towards 2md*

2nd man down

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Awww...we were just getting in to a game and they evict one of our players!!
And Jo was gonna play too!!

Trombelle,...groovy? how you fixed for a game??

Ok, we'll start again.

*throws ball in the air, and...*

PANG!! (Wow what a serve!!)

To you Seedhouse!


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i'm only joining in if strawberries and cream are involved!!!! hehe of course i'll play! oh watch your noggin there Seedhouse
*Grabs white tennis miniskirt and random tennis racket type thing*

2nd man down

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and just for the record as far as i can remember it's me and li'll dude against Seedhouse and Groovy with Super_Sop and Trombelle waiting for a game.

Whatsharpe?'s up that ladder-chair type thing umpiring.

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