Cool banding claims to fame


I once had to sight-read two piano accompaniments for Bob Childs in a concert... :shock:

OK, so it's not as good as drunken monarchs but it's the best I can do!



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Following on from the celebrity encounters, when in the school orchestra we played at a fete opened by Roger Moore; I've still got his autograph (on the top of the arrangement of "Oh when the saints" that we played in his honour) :oops:
When i was 7 i was playing in my first whit friday and my photo was in the british bandsman. It was cool at the time but im not so proud about it now cos im marching on the wrong foot! :oops:

Okiedokie of Oz

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at the aussie Nationals in 2001, I was interviewed after the streetmarch for a Japanese Morning was very popular apparently!!


Marching along the streets of Wigan with Pemberton Old Band for the Majors investiture in 1990’ish :)oops:), one of the police horses bolted and scattered the entire band!

Being at the front the first I knew was when this huge beast galloped past me, missing me by inches!

I was later interviewed by the Wigan Reporter and pictured on the front cover at the point where the horse bolted past. Amazingly no one was hurt! :shock:

It was suggested at the time that it was my dulcet tones in 'The Chieftan' that caused the horse to bolt in the first place :wink:


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We (myself, Kate-the-Horn, StabbyJnr, McEuphie, Mrs McEuphie and random player) have just been photographed playing for the NorthWest Burma Star Association Parade. We will appear in the next issue of the Northwich Chronicle... 8)


Back in 1984 I think it was, I was co-opted into the South Yorkshire Police Band to play at RAF Finningley. Derek Ashmore was conducting and I was given a cornet and sat on 2nd man down.
A very nice young fellow called Roger Webster was sitting on principal and the rest of the band was filled in with players from Dyke and the likes.
Very scarey but a good night :)


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Well, I've played for the Queen and played the Anthems at the Davis Cup Tennis Tournament twice (got to meet Henman and Rusedski and saw Steve Watson and Lee Clark "backstage").

I was on Noel's House Party when they took the gunk tank on tour and put it on a local bandstand.... complete with band!

However on the 31st of August I will have the pleasure to perform at..... The World Firefighters Games at Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield. :shock:


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My trombone teacher played with Don 'the slush' Lusher.

Have played for the Queen and Prince Charles (the Gordon Jacobs Fanfare for the queen with the top trom part that has G# that have to be exactly in tune).

Played support for Van Morrison, but it wasn't in a brass band.

Also must be one of only a handful of bandsmen to have played a stand-up solo at their first ever contest.

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On a conductors' course run by Roy Newsome, we were presented with the opportunity to conduct a band containing some well known tutors, one of whom, played a gag and totally humiliated me in front of the whole band. (I'm not saying who it was!)

I understand some tMP members 'darn sarf' saw me playing the Last Post on HMS Belfast recently on local telly. Well paid bookings and requests for autographs since have been disappointing to say the least.... ;-) :lol:

I (and others in the brass section) was also featured on a BBC Schools programme in 1982 called The Music Arcade, when the then ILEA (Inner London Education Authority) London Schools Concert Orchestra was invited to play selections from Applachian Spring and Rodeo. A brass trio was part of the series where we played a section of Buckaroo Holiday. Thank heavens it wasn't live! I can't remember how many times we had to re-take because I kept splitting! ;-) :lol:

My one abiding memory was seeing one of the presenters (a Tim somebody-or-other) jokingly stick my straight mute down the back of his trousers during rehearsals. I said to him 'That must be for the bum notes', which no one else heard but Tim, so he related the gag there and then to everybody else in the studio to get the laughs pretending it was his gag! Grrrrr!!!! ;-) :)

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I thought of not just one, but two......
One of my Aunties, her brother is a quite famous orchestral bass trombonist for the LSO
We have been on Radio Shropshire and Midlands today :eek:


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In a long and illustrous banding career I not many really :(

I suppose playing at the Italy v Tonga Rugby World Cup match was pretty special - worthwhile just to see our (female!!) percussionists face when the Tongan players ran out!!!

Only other one really, and not strictly banding was meeting the legend that is Jim Bowen at the National Youth Festival finals (or whatever it is they call it), with my school concert band. He spoke to us all individually before we played and he really was super, smashing, great :roll: :wink: