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Dave Payn

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Anyone else got this (on the Doyen label)? Obviously it's quite an old recording now (1992 or thereabouts) but after expressing my disappointments regarding the London Trumpet Sound series, this is something else! 6 trumpeters from all over the world in music for 4, 5 and 6 trumpets from the 20th c. Not festooned with melodies and the like, but rather like the Born for Horn CD that Peter Bale rightly enthused about elsewhere on this forum, this is a remarkable display of brass playing. The Jan Koetsier Piccolo Concertino is probably the most accessible and under the direction of Howard Snell... well this for me, despite the obvious contrasts in repertoire with the London Trumpet Sound series, is by far and away on its own at the top of this kind of repertoire. And with trumpet 'legends' with the likes of Anthony Plog, Bo Nilsson and Adolph Herseth, I have to say this is for me (being a biased trumpeter!) one of Doyen's very finest recordings.


Dave Payn

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Very few CDs left now and it won't be re-pressed.
If you want a copy, get in now!

Here's the link again;

Can't recommend this highly enough, so if you haven't already snapped it up and want a copy, take WoB's advice! As I said, though a different style of repertoire and number of players from the London Trumpet SOund series, this is miles more enjoyable!

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