Contracts for Concerts


No not the "hit man" type of contract but a contract for us to use with concert promoters/venues.

The reason for asking is that we have just had a concert cancelled on us and I thought it was about time that we used some form of contract to cover us in case this happens again.

Does anyone have a copy of a contract that they use that I can pinch?




I have a contract I use with my quintet, email me and I'll attach it back to you.




Contrary to public perception contracts dont need to be set out on paper to be binding. Verbal/ oral contracts are binding. However, the problem arises when you try to enforce it. What are the terms?

Most of you will have made contracts already e.g. buying anything from a shop like a sandwich or newspaper.

If I were you strongbow I would pursue the person who cancelled on you e.g. send a letter to them asking for some sort of compensation- you might get something out of it.



We had two concerts cancelled this year due to inadequate prep by the organisers as they did not have an entertainments licence. I wrote to them politely asking for reimbursement but to no avail. I have discussed with our MD the idea of contracts but they have to work both ways. Contracts and the wording of such need to be given a great deal of thought. Please email me if you have a contract or know anyone who can give useful advice.


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