Contests or Concerts?


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I enjoy doing concerts, but if that was the best thing for me I wouldn't put myself through the stress of contesting! For me, nothing beats the satisfaction of getting my teeth into a tough piece, hopefully growing as a player because of it, and the buzz coming off stage after a decent performance. The results really don't matter too much, although its nice to win! :wink:
I agree totally Accidental.

I enjoy both contests and concerts.

Concerts are great, you get to play a wide variety of music and the atmosphere (especially at our concerts!) is very pleasant and enjoyable. And it's the sort of thing that you can do quite regularly etc. and i take great pleasure from putting on a good concert.
But i also think that you can't beat the satisfaction and the buzz of competing in a contest. I wouldn't like to do it that often though because i don't think my knees could take all the knocking! and that's why it is great to have both contesting and concerts.
I also really love working on the test piece!! It's a fantastic way of proving your worth and also sometimes getting something to show (in the form of silverware! :wink: ) for all the effort you put into playing. Although the satisfaction of just being there is enough for me! I enjoy the whole experience of it, both socially (because we cannot deny that it is probably the most important social event in the banding calender!) and in the sense of competing and improving as a player.



Hi AJ!

I have to say again i enjoy both, but if there was one i had to say that i prefered, i think i would be contesting (even though occasionally you dont get there result you were hoping for). The social side is also a plus!


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Contest for me. I feel that the toughness of the piece pushes the band on, and therefore it gets better and more together. I love contesting me.
I love being put under pressure on a stage-I get such a buzz! I really do enjoy contests and I personally get a lot out of them, as well as the band! I also enjoy concerts-but you don't get the same buzz and pressure as on a contest stage! The work up to a contest can be tough-especially if the piece isn't a wonderful piece, but on the day it's so exciting! Pressure-fantastic! :)


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hey andrew!
ive got to say blatantly contesting. unless there is a really worthwhile concert coming up eg. massed bands or something, then that is equally as good! but travelling up to concerts and staying over just builds up the atmosphere and the hard work is worth it even if you dont get a great result its always good fun. anyway see you at truro, the fight is on! wat section are launceston in?
Laura xx


mmmmm i think i like contests better. But i dont like Own Choice as much as its sometimes a little unfair. Dont you think? Also what do you all think of Entertainment Contests with the adjudicator in the box? I do also like concerts but its gotta be Contests!


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I love 'em both. It does depend on the sort of concert that I'm doing though. But I love doing contests, when you're waiting to go on stage and you feel really excited and when you're just walking off stage after a good performance and knowing that you've done well...I think everyone knows what thats like :D :p
I just love the performing part of it, I love to be on stage playing... :D :D

Jo Elson

I love doing both too. But I really enjoy the excitement of contests and the nervousness which may seem strange, but i like the anticipation of the whole day. Its fun. where as a concert isnt as nerve-racking, but still very enjoyable.


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I enjoy both - provided that the concert is something worthwhile and not one where the band out numbers the audience!


i like them both but concerts are better in my oninion. Even though there is still SOME, there is not as much pressure on you and therefore you can give a better performance.

Contests on the other hand its more the excitement of maybe you will do well or maybe you will do bad and its the thought of this that makes it risky and exciting. Nerves can sometimes get the better of some bands and make them not play to their potential though.

Marches! they are also great, especially on sop when you are marching past a close crowd! just turn slightly and aim a well placed FFFF note into an innocent bystanders eardrum (obviously in context with the music) :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


Got to be contesting for me (must be; this year's areas will be my 112th contest, not including Whit Fridays.) I love the build up, the challenge and the day. I may be weird, but it floats my boat. Concerts for me, are just the bread and butter stuff needed to pay for the next contest; with the odd, prestigious exception of course.


Always go to a contest with the firm tenet....Win or lose..we're on the booze!
I definatly prefer contests but concerts are ok. I think it's the build up to the contest that I like, when all the band has worked really hard for the contest and you come off stage knowing you've played well, that's the best bit! :) Can go the opposite way though, which i suppose is the downside...!!

James Yelland

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Now ask the same question in a music-lover's forum, compare the results, and then discuss: Who is banding for? The players or the audience?

Sadly, the majority of the replies to this strand already indicate the answer, as far as bandsmen themselves are concerned. That's why brass bands are regarded as generally irrelevant to most music lover's lives.


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I like both concerts and contests but if i had 2 choose one then it would have to be contests! I think concerts are necessary to increaste the reputation of the band and to create income but contests are the real thing in banding. Personally i love having the pressure on a contest stage and i always try and enjoy myself!

Bob Sherunkle

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Mr Yelland is quite right of course.

There is not neccesarily anything wrong with this situation though.

After all, whatever the attitude of the players most bands will not attract large audiences from the general public. Not suprising since the concert repertoire is largely rubbish and badly played (by the majority of bands outside the top end of the top section).

Contests, on the other hand, are generally enjoyed by those who take part for many reasons. Most of this enjoyment comes from the hope of putting one over your rivals and drinking. Nothing to do with music tho' I suggest.

In answer to Mr Yelland's question then. With rare exceptions banding is for the players.



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Dapends on the result at the contest. I prefer them when we get the deserved result :wink:

In all seriousness I think I will always prefer contests though, the buzz is the best bit. Concerts vary and can be either a non event or an amazing gig, even the best concert wont match a contest for me though.

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