Contests for unregistered bands

I'm looking for contests in Yorkshire/the North/Northwest with an 'unregistered' section. can anyone help?
I know Malton has one, thats not til the end of the year though.

cheers. :p


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i know of one in that sorta area that definately HAD a contest for 4th section and unregistered bands but i cant remember for the life of me where/ what it was called. the first year it was on i played there coz i was playing with parr at that point. and they entered. sorry for the unhelpfullness :(

Roger Thorne

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I remember Ripon had a Contest/Festival a couple of years ago for 4th section and unregistered bands.

Sorry I can't be any more help than that!



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Middleton-in-Teesdale used to run a 4th Section and unregistered contest. Not sure if it's still going though. That was where I made my contesting debut!!

I can't remember the exact restrictions on the Kirkby Lonsdale contest but that was run along similar lines.

I know Whitehaven tried a "Section E" for unregistered bands a few years back. Are they still doing it?


A couple of stonkers for you-

Holme Valley Brass Band contest (Holmfirth). Normally around the end of April, no registration required. We played there last year (and came 2nd by the way!!) and it's a lovely contest.

Wigglesworth brass Band Contest (mid May). A lovely setting in a pub beer garden, and dead friendly.

Will post contact info for these two asap.

Just remembered!! If I remember rightly the Huddersfield contest is an unregistered affair. We tried entering last year but too late.

Thanks a lot guys.

Matt, could you send me the contact details of those contests? it would be a great help.

Cheers. :)

satchmo shaz

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leamington do unregistered as do wigston, also there will be one in june at kirkby which coincides with a beer festival :guiness :guiness , it is being run by newstead band :wink:


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NAS said:
Is Easingwold also an option? Mabye Sudcornet could enlighten you :)

No unregistered bands are not allowed to compete at easingwold hence why the tmp band was allowed to play but not compete.
Ripon takes place in May usually and is for 3rd/4th section and unregistered. The organiser is Peter Gilby secretary of Ripon City Band. Don't have any further contact details for him
Middleton in Teesdale takes place in July and is for 4th section, youth and unregistered bands. I don't have any contact details for this one

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