Contest piece errata... how do you get it and when???


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I was just sat here, thinking "What kind of constructive and thought-provoking thread could I start tonight?"

And then I replied to TimBloke's Trombone Solo thread. And I had a brainwave.

A few years ago, the 4th section qualifiers had to play TWO pieces for their performance. One was a really really slow one (Might actually have been called "Slow Melody" or something), whilst the other was "Scenes From A Comedy".

The 4th movement contained a repeated strain, which got played 4 times (twice, and twice again after a DC), the solo trombone part of which concluded with a "lip slur" from a D (2nd line on the stave), to the D one octave above, and back to the D on the 2nd line. I practiced this loads, and on the contest day, due to the extra adrenaline, played all 4 perfectly. In rehearsals, I'd often split at least one of them or miss the top note, so I was REALLY chuffed with myself for getting it. Incidentally, the 2nd Trom part had a lip slur from the D, down to the A below it, and back to the D.

So, I went on the internet (back in my Compuserve days) and sent a mail to the Brass Band mailing list... and received a reply that said, "Your efforts were in vain, according to an erratum we were sent, the First Trom part should have been the same as the 2nd."

So why didn't we receive this? How do you ensure you receive one if one exists? Anyone else had a similar experience?


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email the composer or publisher? someone did for passacaglia, probably a baritone player from the points raised.

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