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Phil Green

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Funny things draws. Some of us believe that it's best, if you want to impress the judges, to have a "not so good" band before and after you. Others of us believe that if you want to be seen(!) or heard as quality you have to be heard amongst quality and so it's best to be drawn next to a top band.

Igg's posting in the ALL ENGLAND MASTERS 2003 thread suggests that he's in the first group whilst I'm definitely in the second. Will a band that's been drawn in group C for instance, whilst all the other "top" bands (being VERY general there) are in group A or B, have an advantage. I don't think so.

To score 199 points after the adjudicator has just heard a 180 point performance is very, very difficult. However, to score that after a 198 is, I think, more likely if you really were better.

3 performances very close together should be easy to sort out. However when another performance say 6 bands later stands out and is deserving of a place how much more difficult is that to sort out?? Was it better or wasn't it??
Yes, I know that's what we pay adjudicators to do but how many of us are confident that at the end of a long day they will be able to tell?

My thoughts, what are yours?



I think you've hit the nail on the head Phil. However, my posting in All England Masters thread suggests that my band is not in the first segment.

I agree that it is easier to give a 195+ marking afterhearing a 190-195 performance but we all know that later draws are better. I struggle to remember what I did 5 minutes ago unless I've made a note of it.

As much as we hate to admitit the draw can make or break a performance. The unanswerable question which everybody asks is "What if our performance we just gave off a number 2 draw was taken out and put in at No 19"?

Point is though take this example: the bands that are placed e.g. 1st, 3rd and 4th were drawn next to each other (e.g. 11 12 & 13) and the band that comes 2nd drawn later on (e.g. 20th). If, say, the band who came 4th were drawn 20th rather than in 11th, 12th or 13th, would they have come second instead?

The point is that the judges may have picked a winner from 11, 12 and 13 but by the time 20 has come around they cant remember whether 20 is better than the others and plumps for the band who plays 20th to come 2nd. It must be really difficult for adjudicators and I dont envy their task. However, I'm probably part of the hypocritical majority who have a pop at the adjudicators for what I deem wrong results. But they're paid to do it so it's tough!


Phil Green

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Hi mate. I meant to say that your opinion seems to put you in the group that suggest that to stand out amongst "lesser" bands is an advantage, NOT that your band is in the first segment.
All the best on Sunday, see you in the Eagle.


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