contact lenses, stigmatisms, and reading music


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I'll stic to specs! This thread makes contacts seem very tortuous. (Wouldn't use them anyway, how can people put something that close to their eye?!)


My solution ended up having a perscription written to adjust both my eyes to one focal length - about arms length and I have a pair of glasses just for that. Sure that means I can't see the conductor's fingernail polish, but this isn't much of a problem as he rarely wears any. I also can't check out the girlies in the front row with any realiablity, but that's okay too as I'm married and they usually keep the house lights pretty low.....


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hah. i gave up on contacts after a few months because my eyes were constantly dry, they were impossible to get in (though falling out was easy) and every time i tried to focus on the music everything went blurry. probably the low blink rate now you come to mention it, but at the time it was just annoying.

"Avoid using oil based make up around the eyes (ladies!)"
so men can wear make up then? :tongue:


just found this thread, i have one stigmatised eye, and the other is normal. i used to suffer with reading music as the one eye would just be lazy, then as the night progressed the other just got strained and tired... causing very poor reading confusing lines and spaces... all making for some poor errors!

I ended up getting glasses with the teeniest pescription- but i wear them for all music reading/close work.the optician said i dont need to wear them all the time- and encouraged me not to, so as not to make my other eye lazy- but only when im tired/doing close work. It takes the pressure off my "good eye" and helps my stigmatised eye focus easier- so now I can see properly! most people can see through them- and some people said it was pointless, but the little change made a huge difference for me! :)

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