Conn Pan American (14K) Sousaphone Serial Number Question


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Hi Folks

This has been driving me nutz for 3 years. I have an unbranded Sousaphone. I have been told its a Conn 14K, But!! Something Doesn't add up the Serial number on the horn 139,XXX would date it VERY Prior to 1940.. Which TOTALLY Doesn't make sense , not that the horn is that nice. It isn't just that it doesn't add up where I got it from. The School I got it from was built in 1967 and the High school before that was 1948..
From that I guess that the horn is Late 60's to Mid 70's, but not under a Conn Name, Pan American was the First name that I could think off that had this model Conn under its name. Pan American Serial number Charts seamingly are non-existant.
It would be nice to be able to give my horn a date of Birth even within a decade of manufacture..
Although my sousaphone rarely gets touched anymore since I joined a Drum and Bugle corps. (They won't let me use it! Dang them and their Kanstul Bugles) It would still be helpful to get some idea.
Hey Maybe we could Start our own Data Base of Manufacturers, dates serial numbers!!
Thanks for any point of direction.

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