Sold/Expired Conn 8H Wanted


I am trying to get my hands on a used Conn 8H trombone. It does not have to be an Elkhart.

I am looking to pay about $1000 Canadian, so it may be easiest if you are located in North America. I would also look at purchasing from the UK if the price was right.

If you want to send me an email, please use

Craig Lewis
Canadian Staff Band
Craig, John Myatt Woodwind and Brass have a s/h 8H at the moment.
Unfortunately, it is out of your price range at £999.
I'll keep a look out as I got a decent 8H for a pupil of mine from Myatts some years ago for £350!
There have been some 8Hs/88Hs on Ebay here in the UK including the occasional Elkhart.
Again, I'll keep a look out for you.



You may have already checked it out but if not it would be worth having a look at the classifieds on the 'Online Trombone Journal' website.

Always a broad range of 2nd hand bones for sale on there plus you may find that you can pick one up closer to you and save on shipping costs etc.

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Nice one, Ray.

Craig, check these out;

For Sale: Conn 8H
Conn 8H, This instrument is in excellent condition. Response is open and even throughout with a warm and colorful sound. Six years old. Asking $1100, obo. Pictures upon request.
Contact: Jay Evans --

For Sale: Conn 8HT
Conn 8HT with SL6262 slide looking to sell for $900 obo. The horn is about five months old and hasn't been played in over two months. There are absolutely no dents or scratches. It comes with a case and three leadpipes. E-mail for more questions.
Contact: George --


You guys are good! Nice to have this little facility to get quick answers, hints and help. (and from a Brit and a Scot that I have actually met in person!)

Thanks again for the links. I will check them all out.


Razor - was actually listening to your Govan CD in the car today - still a gerat Song of the Eternal!


No problem Craig, glad to be able to help. Hope you get something sorted out.

craigster said:
Razor - was actually listening to your Govan CD in the car today - still a gerat Song of the Eternal!

Thanks. It is a fantastic piece of writing, one of my favourite SA works both to listen to and play.

PS: Was looking at the photos of the recent CSB recording session on the website- You're obviously a more talented player than I realised!! :lol: :lol: :lol:


Razor - Thanks for noticing the pictures on the website. It is kind of ironic that there is a picture there of me as prinicpal everything, except what I really am.

Anyway, some good fun in the midst of some hard work.

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